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Nearby Attractions

Kos' most interesting attractions are a matter of a walk from Anastasia Hotel. A 10 minute walk to the main Harbor to enjoy different flavours and interesting drinks. Get lost somewhere between the history of the island and the simplicity of the modern world...

Kos Town Castle


The castle of the Knights of the Order of Saint John is situated at the entrance of Kos harbour on what used to be an island in antiquity, communicating with the inland through a bridge that one can still see even today namely the bridge the Palm Tree Avenue. It is a marvelous structure built of local stone. It is worth admiring it from the inside or walk around the outside.

Eleftherias Square


The liveliest square of the island, one can enjoy a greek coffee during the vividness of it, admire the mosque or buy interesting spices and more in the market located on the top of the square.

Hippocrate's Tree


The Tree of Hippocrates is a platane under which, according to the legend, Hippocrates of Kos, considered the father of medicine, taught his pupils the art of medicine. 



Passed the beautiful wetland of Psalidi the Thermes can be found, a place named after the numerous hot springs of the area. Hot spring water can not only fill you with feelings of relaxation and harmony, but also help you in several health problems, since its rich sulphur content gives it great therapeutic value.

Mr. Blue Train


Mr. Blue Train is a fun and relaxing ride around the city. The ride includes the most important attractions of the center, including most of the ones mentioned in this guide. Detailed guided of the archaeological areas can be arranged.

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